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Holiday Pet Health Tips

Holiday Pet Health Tips  While the holidays are a typically happy and exciting time, it’s also the season for pets to get into all types of trouble – and danger. You must be extra vigilant during this season when there...

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Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

So you've heard of Bully Sticks and now you want to know are bully sticks good for dogs?   WANT BULLY STICKS SHIPPED DIRECTLY TO YOU? CLICK HERE! We often get asked: “What are the benefits of bully sticks for dogs?”...

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Casualty Dog

This is a casualty dog - they were trained to find wounded or dying soldiers on the battlefield. They carried medical equipment so an injured soldier could treat himself and they would also stay beside a dying soldier to keep him company. Dogs were...

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Make Your Dog A Star

Instagram is fast becoming a go-to-source for adorable dogs. You can find and follow all sorts of dogs but one of our favourites has to be @deanthebasset. We also follow these rising stars: @krista_bo_sulley, @simba_nzinga, @woofboye,@heidi_gsd, @east_coast_winnie, @molly_sausageroll and @prince_the_dingo_dog....

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