Talk about a Dog Community!

This was our first KW Pet Expo Show and you have to admit, Tina Plett puts on a really fantastic 2-day event that sets the Gold Standard of Dog Events.  

But the real stars of the Show were the KW people and their furry friends.  Booth-mate Jessie Jackson, a devout 30-time foster dog parent and I loved working along side Julie and the Ruff Stitched staff and the Animal Pro Pre and Probiotics experts with their cool photo booth.  

We heard this more than once at the Cloud 9 Canine booth about a Netflix  movie called Pet Fooled, a documentary on the Pet Food Industry.  If you have Netflix or can view YouTube (search Pet Fooled) you owe it to your furry friend to watch this documentary.  


 So many owners are turning to RAW dog food for the health of their pooch.  And that is where Cloud 9 Canine fits into a nutritious diet.

Our treats are single source all natural air-dried chicken, beef and pork.  No other ingredients are present in Cloud 9 Canine treats.

So you know what you are feeding your pet.  Next time you feed you dog, read the ingredients on the label.  You will be amazed at all the additives and colouring that is present in dry dog food or store-bought treats.  It’s no wonder dogs are getting diabetes and cancer.

According to Megan Dell, the Animal Pro representative it can take upwards of a year for toxins to clear from your dog’s gut.  A YEAR! You are what you eat.

And more recognition needs to be sent to all those pet owners and breeders who toil away making their own dog food.  Bravo. My own Maltese pups get this recipe twice a day.

Sweet potato

California yams

Butternut Squash



Hormone-free hamburg, ground pork or ground chicken.  Use only one meat per batch

I add a ¼ teaspoon of Animal Pro Pre-Probiotic to each serving.  They love it and now you know exactly what you dog is eating.

I’m so convinced you will see a difference when you offer one source dog treats I am offering a FREE sample by mail.  Simply pay shipping and handling of $4.95.

Go to FREE offer

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