Making Homemade Dog Food

I’m new at this so bear with me as I share my homemade recipes I feed my two Maltese dogs.  My home cooking journey was driven after my male Maltese Terrier called Jessie started to salivate and sidelined eating his dry vet-recommended dog food.  After a very expensive dental cleaning treatment, his symptoms returned in three days. Discouraged I sought more help from his vet who then diagnosed CUPS, an ulcerative condition that is like an extreme case of gingivitis in humans.  Red gums and drooling afflicted poor Jessie. The recommendation was to pull out all his teeth because his immune system was reacting to plaque on his teeth. That was it.

No way was I going for this solution.  Instead I took him off dry kibble and cooked him nutritious dog food where I knew every ingredient that went into his meals.  

Brushing his teeth twice a day also helped him recover.  And serving a Prebiotic plus Probiotic Supplement to maintain digestive health naturally will removal the toxins in Jessie’s gut.  The Animal-Pro representative ( said it may take a year for a dog to correct the allergies and toxins in their stomach.  

So here is one of the recipes I make for Jessie and Maggie.

Best rule of thumb would be only serve your dogs foods you would eat with some exceptions like garlic and onions (no-no for dogs).

Start with a large sweet potato or California Yams (2-3)

Peel 2 large carrots

Cut up a small butternut squash

Cut into 2” chunks and toss into a large pot.  Cover with water and boil for 20 minutes or until the carrots are tender.  Drain well so the veggie part is not weaping water.

Cook ground meat like beef, pork, turkey (only one meat per batch) until gently cooked not browned.  Drain any fat and let it cool.


Mix the veg with the meat of your choice and store in the refrigerator serving once in the morning, once at your dinner hour.  I sprinkle the Prebiotic + Probiotic powder according to the label directions once in the morning bowl of food. Mix it into the serving.

Varying meats and swapping out sweet potato for broccoli or green beans will add variety to your dogs nutritional health.


When you realize food is fuel – for dogs and for people, you will want to give them the right fuel to keep them fit and frisky.  Become a canine chef. And when you want to reward them serve Cloud 9 Canine one source dog treats.

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