Terms and Conditions

Cloud 9 Canine uses adequate packaging of product so as to prevent damage during shipping;

Your order will be processed in 24-hours or less and shipment will be confirmed using a Canada Post Expedited Shipping tracking number and email confirmation if you
provided a viable email address;

Allow 5-7 days from email confirmation for your package to arrive;
Products are as represented on the official secure Cloud 9 Canine website;

Our Merchant Account is with Shopify and your financial transaction will be noted in your credit payment method as Cloud9Canine.ca;

Upon confirmation of a Refund, please pay the return postage charge at Canada Post in the adequately sealed original box to:
   Canada Post Depot # 423904
   Attention Cloud 9 Canine
   Wilton’s Pharmacy
   350 Oxford Street East
   London, ON. N6A 3W0

Please use our email address: info@cloud9canine.ca or phone land or mobile numbers included on our business card prior to proceeding with a Refund request or Return actions.