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The origin of dog The coming-of-(ice)-age survival story is set in Europe, 20,000 years ago. It’s about the origin of dog, hence the name of the film. For about five minutes, ALPHA is literally a cliff-hanger, with a novice hunter...

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Be a calm and assertive leader

As a Pack Leader, it's your goal to bring your dog to a place of calm, submissive energy. It's not about your dog. Everything begins with you, your energy, your state of mind, and your approach. You are the source of your...

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The Most Precious Metal

Our Groomer, Maggie’s Grooming ( London, Ontario introduced me to Colloidal Silver while my female Maltese Terrier was experiencing yeast infections in her ears.  During a grooming visit, Maggie Villeneuve applied colloidal silver liquid to my dog’s ears. I can’t...

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5 Dangerous Dog Treat Additives to Avoid

Recently, I was talking with a dog owner who told me she’d discovered that a particular store-bought dog treat (a famous brand) contained arsenic as a preservative. Yes, you read that right. Arsenic. How can a major pet food brand...

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