Canadian Fall Thanksgiving Festivities

 With a matter of days until Thanksgiving, there are many temptations planned around this time of indulging in comfort foods, family meals and special treats.    Certainly the most popular menu item at Thanksgiving is turkey.  There is no reason your dog cannot enjoy the holiday bird too. ...

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Work with Mother Nature

A dog sees itself in this order: animal, species, breed, and then name. The first two are a part of what a dog is by nature; the last two were created by humans. We run into difficulties with our dogs when we try to treat them primarily as...

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The origin of dog The coming-of-(ice)-age survival story is set in Europe, 20,000 years ago. It’s about the origin of dog, hence the name of the film. For about five minutes, ALPHA is literally a cliff-hanger, with a novice hunter left for dead on a ledge during a...

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Be a calm and assertive leader

As a Pack Leader, it's your goal to bring your dog to a place of calm, submissive energy. It's not about your dog. Everything begins with you, your energy, your state of mind, and your approach. You are the source of your dog's calm, submissive state, and your dog is...

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