The Most Precious Metal

Our Groomer, Maggie’s Grooming ( London, Ontario introduced me to Colloidal Silver while my female Maltese Terrier was experiencing yeast infections in her ears.  During a grooming visit, Maggie Villeneuve applied colloidal silver liquid to my dog’s ears. I can’t say it worked that day, but I visited my favourite pet store and bought a bottle of colloidal silver to continue treatment.  My dog does not take well to drops in her ears and after many trying moments of administering drops I gave up the treatment. 

After consultation with Nick Post, the owner of The Raw Source ( I learned that not all-colloidal silver is created equal. Nick explained that the “original” colloidal silver was developed in the 1940s during the Second World War to treat infections. 

A new version was developed recently that is called Structure Silver. The difference is night and day!  Structured Silver is more effective at killing pathogenic microorganisms while being non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria.  This new formula can be consumed internally taken daily.  Silver today is what penicillin was 80-years ago.  No prescription necessary.

Structured Silver is 0.001 percent silver and 99.99 percent water. No odor. No taste.

It is changing the way we prevent disease and defend the way we prevent diseases in pets and humans.  I noticed results within days of applying drops and twice a day ingestions of the liquid.  Look for Structured Silver online or thru trusted RAW sources.  It comes with a 100-page book that explains how to administer Structured Silver for your dog and your own health.

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