7 Astonishing Superfoods You Should Be Feeding Your Dog!

Dog food is intriguing, worrisome and often confusing as to the integrity of ingredients. It’s easy to believe that our dogs must only eat kibble and treats created by global manufacturers in order to stay healthy.

That’s simply not true though and to dispel the myth read on to learn some smart fresh doggy superfoods to keep your dog healthy, naturally!

Dogs can maintain a fantastic level of health and well-being when they have the right diet. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are all part of keeping that canine immunity high and the organs within your dog’s body healthy and happy. The food that your dog eats literally creates the cells within his/her body, so give them good food at every opportunity to prevent illness and promote tip-top health.

So let’s take a look at 7 of the most effective fruit and veggie doggy superfoods to create a healthy internal environment for your dog:

1. Carrots


Carrots are naturally abrasive and perfect as a daily treat for cleaning the teeth. They also contain beta-carotene which is great for the eyes along with a generous dose of Vitamins A, C and K. High in fibre too, for easy toileting, the humble carrot is an all-round crunch of doggy goodness.

2. Green Beans 


Green Beans

Green beans are an absolutely fantastic way to boost the vitamin content of your dog’s diet. They have Omega 3 fatty acids (a perfect brain power boost) plus vitamins A, C and K. Dark green vegetables are also full of Iron and Calcium.

Tinned green beans are also great for dogs that need to lose a little excess weight. For reasons unknown it’s only those green beans from a tin that help in the weighty area, yet added to the dog’s dinner they can have can have great results.

3. Apples


Apples are fantastic training treats when chopped into tiny crisp squares. They bring fibre and Vitamins A and C to the dog’s diet. Your dog can also have an apple chunk snack to clean those teeth as the flesh of the fruit has a natural cleaning action to remove old food from in and around the dog’s teeth.

It’s important to remove the core and seeds from an apple if you are feeding it to your dog. The seeds contain arsenic and are the only unhealthy part of this wonderfully healthy snack.

4. Pumpkin


Soft and sweet pumpkin is a great source of A and C, beta-carotene, calcium and zinc. It is also high in fibre and when lightly blanched, your dog will love it. 

5. Bananas


Packed with potassium for a happy mind, along with Vitamins C and B6 the tasty banana can do wonders for the health of your dog. This fruit actually aids function in the red blood cells allowing the blood to carry more oxygen to the muscles and organs in the dog’s body. The banana through its plentiful vitamin C also helps to rebuild any damaged cartilage and prevents further damage to cells in the body. Peeled and frozen whole the fruit can also be used as a teething aid for sore mouthed puppies to gnaw under your supervision of course!

6. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes

This is the only vegetable that will need to be lightly steamed for optimum digestion. The others can be fed raw. Sweet potato is really good for the heart and also oxygenates the blood cells leading to better oxygen circulation within the body. It’s also a high fibre veggie and contains hugely healthy amounts of potassium, magnesium and iron for an all-round happy and healthy pup.

7. Celery


A stick of raw celery is a wonderful toothbrush. Avoiding dental disease is vital in dogs because the build-up of plaque and infection can have severely detrimental effects on the life and even lifespan of your dog. Along with being perfect dental floss for dogs celery has plentiful vitamins A, B and C and can even help the dog’s heart to stay healthy and lower blood pressure. All of the above fruits and vegetables will have a good effect on your dog’s health. There are many more, blueberries for instance are full of healthy antioxidants. Watermelon is refreshing and is a perfect clean food for a hot summer day.

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