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Beyond Animal Control

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag Traditional animal control ID tags have not changed in over 200-years. But that passive technology is about to change. The Pawscout App empowers all pet parents to locate nearby pet stores, groomers, parks, and other pet-friendly...

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Can pets benefit from cannabis too?

Many Canadians have anxiously awaited the legalization of cannabis for human consumption.  But a segment of the population is left out when it comes to the medicinal benefits of cannabis:  our pets! I have to admit my dog occasionally grazes...

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London is the #1 pet loving city

SEATTLE, WA, Oct. 2, 2018 /CNW/ -  Amazon Canada released the sixth annual list of the top 20 cities in Canada that pamper their pets the most. This list was compiled by comparing per capita sales data for pet items...

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Canadian Fall Thanksgiving Festivities

 With a matter of days until Thanksgiving, there are many temptations planned around this time of indulging in comfort foods, family meals and special treats.    Certainly the most popular menu item at Thanksgiving is turkey.  There is no reason...

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Work with Mother Nature

A dog sees itself in this order: animal, species, breed, and then name. The first two are a part of what a dog is by nature; the last two were created by humans. We run into difficulties with our dogs...

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