Meet our adorable Cloud 9 Canine brand ambassadors!

Cloud 9 Canine is proud to be a family-run business. When the idea of brand ambassadors came to mind we thought why look any further than our own furry friends?

Jessie & Maggie

Jessie and Maggie are small maltese terriers that were the inspiration for Cloud 9 Canine. The 5 year olds are brother and sister!

Their favourite Cloud 9 Canine treats are: Bully Sticks! They would chew on them all day long if they could.

Their favourite activities are: Going for walks (on or off-leash) at the local school playground! 

Finn & Tess

Finn & Tess are our medium-sized dog brand ambassadors. Finn is an Australian shepherd and Tess is a shelty. These adorable dogs love to play together or with their neighbour Belle!

Their favourite Cloud 9 Canine treats are: Pig ear pieces & bacon!

Their favourite activities are: Walking, playing catch & doing tricks for treats.


Belle is a one and a half year old golden retriever. Belle is a large dog with a large appetite!

Her favourite Cloud 9 Canine treat is: Bacon, bacon, bacon!

Belle’s favourite activities are: Playing catch, trail walking & playing frizbee.




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