5 Dangerous Dog Treat Additives to Avoid

Recently, I was talking with a dog owner who told me she’d discovered that a particular store-bought dog treat (a famous brand) contained arsenic as a preservative.

Yes, you read that right. Arsenic.

How can a major pet food brand get away with such a thing? Well, they can. The company justified it by saying it was a low dosage and wouldn’t hurt your pet but if you’re like me you’re thinking a little arsenic everyday adds up to a lot.

That can’t be good.

Besides, why would you knowingly poison your dog?

It’s crazy.

But sadly it’s not that uncommon. Store bought dog treats are filled with dangerous chemicals that can slowly poison your favorite canine.

That’s why we’re on a mission to share this information (and great treats) with fellow dog lovers.

So, in the interest of protecting dogs everywhere we thought it’d be a good idea to share with fellow dog lovers a short list of the five most dangerous (yet common) additives you might find in pet food and treats.

5 Toxic Store Bought Dog Treat Additives you Need To Avoid! 

Before we get into the list, you might ask yourself why would store bought dog treats include additives anyway? The reason is to extend the shelf life. After all, there’s more money in producing a pet treat that can sit on the shelf for a year or two than one that spoils in a few days/weeks.

Yet, as in anything, there’s a safe (and healthier ways) to preserve treats. Dehydration is one way. We’ll get into that in a minute. First, let’s look at the nasty practices the big manufacturers have gotten into the habit of using. 

Dog TreatsIf you see these on a pet treat label, you’ll want to avoid it.

1. Ethoxyquin – This common preservative has two questionable uses. It’s a pesticide used by pear farmers. It’s also used as a hardening agent for rubber. It’s been linked to a number of health concerns and many governmental agencies have recently issued warnings about it.  If you’re like most pet parents I know that you don’t want  Ethoxyquin in your pet’s food!

2. Propylene glycol– This is an ingredient in antifreeze and it’s often used to keep semi-moist kibble from drying out. It has been removed from cat foods but still exists in many dog foods. 

These next two can often be found together.

3. Butylated hydroxytoluene(BHT) – Also a used as a common preservative. It’s also found in cosmetics and even jet fuel – yuck! The World Health Organization has acknowledged both of these as suspicious and potential carcinogens. In the US they’ve been banned in some states. 

4. Butylated hydroxyanisole(BHA) – For years it’s been a common preservative in pet foods. However, it’s now banned in some areas because it’s now recognized as a possible carcinogen.

5. Propyl Gallate – Used to stabilize cosmetics and food packaging, it’s connected to liver diseases and cancer.

Our pets come in contact with pesticides in many different ways, through lawn chemicals like Roundup, topical flea and tick treatments and other residual chemicals all find their way into our lives on a daily basis.

It’s difficult to protect them (or us) from every harmful chemical out there. But our aim is to market 100% all natural treats that are as nature intended without dangerous additives.

One way you can protect your canine against dangerous additives is feeding a single ingredient, meat based treats. If you are like many dog owners you’re into healthy foods and organics for your own good health. We suggest the same “label-reading” care needs to be applied to preserve your dog and add years to hi/her lifespan.

Cloud 9 Canine 100% all natural dog treats are superfood for dogs. In the evolutionary cycle of dogs, their original diet consisted of meat right down to the bones for a healthy diet.

As Mother Nature intended out Teats are packed with protein, high in omega 3’s, and vitamins and minerals.

The Benefits of 100% all Natural Treats:


  • High in Protein– Essential for optimal dog health
  • High in Omega 3’s– Healthy skin and coat, strong immune system, stops itching
  • Allergen Free– Alleviates itching and infections
  • Dental Health– Keeps teeth super clean and breath fresh
  • Eliminates Anxiety while the owner is away and satisfies their natural instinct to chew
For pets, you can get human-quality dog treats, which are the best thing you can feed any dog because they are 100% natural and healthy, plus they keep them busy, clean teeth, and best of all are highly nutritional.

Cloud 9 Canine Dog Treats have no additives, no preservatives, no harmful ingredients or hidden hormones and antibiotic chemicals.

I know from my own experienced as a dog parent, finding the right treat to feed your dog can be like playing Russian roulette. Many times my own lack of knowledge about store bought dog treats resulted in expensive vet visits to correct alarming weight gain and even worse, dental treatments that cost hundreds of dollars to correct under sedatives when all I had to do was feed my dogs all natural dog teats.

Jessie, my teacup Maltesse ended up with costly dental work that literally prevented him from eating his kibbles. How did this happen? Smart breeds often train their owners to give them treats more frequently than is recommended by dog experts. At the end of the day, Jessie was not able to eat hard kibbles which would have kept him healthy. After a $900 vet bill, I went looking for better treats for my dogs. From then on I made a commitment to never make the same mistake with another pet.
I started searching and digging for the healthiest dog treats available and soon figured out that one of the best things I could be feeding my dog was available – but at a high cost. It was not uncommon for me to spend $30 - $40 per week on Pet Store bully sticks.
There had to be a better way to acquire affordable all natural dog treats. After 6-months of trial and error, I discovered a producer less than an hour away from my hometown of London, Ontario. Our producer has a production facility that is white-glove/lab coat/hair net clean and is accredited and government inspection approved.
Now my mission is to spread the word about the benefits of Cloud 9 Canine Dog Treats so pet parents would never have to go through the same mistakes myself and many others have made.
Here is a comparison between Cloud 9 Canine Treats the top commercial brand treat.

Our Treats Vs Commercial Treats


The reality is, if your feeding your dog these cheap store bought treats, your putting your pets health at risk.

There are over 30 additives in the leading brand of treats. Cloud 9 Canine Treats have no additives, and pack a nutritional punch.


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