Can pets benefit from cannabis too?

Many Canadians have anxiously awaited the legalization of cannabis for human consumption.  But a segment of the population is left out when it comes to the medicinal benefits of cannabis:  our pets!

I have to admit my dog occasionally grazes on grass during our daily walks.  I assume he does this for some digestive issue because his teeth are that of a carnivore and not a herbivore. 

The real question is, there are no guidelines or legal pathways for Canadian veterinarians to authorize or safely dispense cannabis products for their therapeutic use in animals

In light of evidence that some cannabis products can help treat a range of ailments in pets, some pet parents are naively administering cannabis to their pets with dire consequences from marijuana toxicosis. 

Before you toke up your dog, realize there are many formulations of cannabidiol (CBD) so knowing the right dosage is critical even though the Canadian Medical Veterinary Association is warning owners to avoid cannabis products altogether.

As evidence continues to grow about the benefits of cannabis-for-pets, more clinical work is taking place to ensure safe, legal and quality-controlled weed is developed and made available through veterinarians.


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