Before commissioning our online store, the owners of Cloud 9 Canine researched Canadian producers of dog treats.  Whether online, or available at retailers, we tested a range of treats on our own dogs to determine which combination of treats scored highest in the following ten categories:

  1. Single ingredient treats
  2. Safety of supervised or unsupervised consumption
  3. Treats geared to the size of dog
  4. How long did the treat last by size of dog
  5. Dental health
  6. Reaction of the dog to treat rewards
  7. Changes in behavior (responding to verbal commands)
  8. Cost of products given quality and speed of consumption
  9. Effects on breath
  10. Appeal to fussy eaters

We made our selection using the above scoring system.  We offer a wide range of treats for all sized dogs (not puppies). The production facilities are Canadian government-certified and white glove hygienic.  

Generous sampling helped Cloud 9 Canine select products geared to small, medium and large bred dogs.  Our goal was to deliver the highest quality, one source dog treats available anywhere in Canada in a monthly shipment of treats. 

Auto-shipping was the next feature we researched. We decided on Shopify (Canadian shopping cart secure transaction software) to provide easy-to-buy transactions and secure management of the customer database.  Our goal was to build a full-month supply of treats for small, medium and large dogs in a boxed shipment.

Our Grand Opening was at Pawlooza on August 19, 2017 where we introduced the concept of treats by subscription.  We are continuously learning what you, the dog owner will embrace and value.  Our reward is to delight you and your dog to retain you as a “member”. 

There is no binding contract with our service.  We believe the quality of our treats and the time-saving convenience for dog owners will keep you happy and retain your loyalty over time.

Cloud 9 Canine


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