Beyond Animal Control

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

Traditional animal control ID tags have not changed in over 200-years. But that passive technology is about to change.

The Pawscout App empowers all pet parents to locate nearby pet stores, groomers, parks, and other pet-friendly locations, to create detailed pet profiles (with health and behavioral issues), and to enlist the aid of the rapidly-growing Pawscout community to find lost pets.

The Pawscout App provides additional benefits to purchasers of the Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag, including outdoor virtual pet leash and pet and walk tracking. 

The Pawscout Tag uses cutting-edge Bluetooth technology optimized for pets and available for purchase at widespread retailers and for just $19.95.  

The App allows you to store vital information including: Digital profile and Medical Records Create a full digital profile of your pet including photos, your contact info, vaccinations and behavioral or medical issues.

Community Pet Finder
Alert all users in the area as soon as your pet goes missing. Get notified when your pet comes within range of anyone with the Pawscout App.

Works with iPhone and Android phones.

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