Our Secret

Our Secret

It’s simple, we use the highest grade meats and take pride in the selection of our pet treats. We do NOT use fillers such as meat by-products, corn solids, soy flour or mechanically separated chicken you will find in most commercially marketed pet treats.

Welcome to Cloud 9 Canine

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, you’re in the right place:

• What is the best treat to feed my dog?
• What is the best way to keep my dog’s teeth clean?
• What is the best way to cure my dog’s boredom?
• How can I stop my dog from chewing my things?
• How can I reward my dog in the healthiest way?
• Where can I buy the best treats in Canada?

Here’s the truth about dog treats…

The most popular dog treats on the market are usually made from meat by-product, fat, sugar, water, preservatives, fillers and god knows what else. Most pet treat companies wouldn’t even have the faintest idea where their raw materials are sourced from.   

What makes us different? 

Cloud 9 Canine treats are 100% natural dog snacks. No processing, no fillers, zero additives. All allergen free, natural products. We are passionate and loving dog owners. We wouldn’t sell anything we wouldn’t feed to our own dogs. In fact, our dogs are shown throughout this website (yes we are proud dog parents).

Now you know we’re here, you can forget about the cheap processed treats of the past which are full of chemicals and additives which are harming your best friend. Cloud 9 Canine is 100% whole real food for dogs.

What you can expect from us: The world’s healthiest dog treats!

We believe smart pet owners want the best for their dog but are overwhelmed and confused by sales tactics and fancy marketing by commercial pet food companies.

What about treats sold at your vet's office? Regrettably, these are likely made by the same producers you find in commercial pet shops and grocery stores.

100% of our pet treats are:

• Quality Inspected 

Our treat producer’s factory is government inspected. They employ a full time vet to inspect and monitor all raw materials. Cloud 9 Canine guarantees no other pet treat in Canada has this same high standards we adhere to. Our pet snacks are dried under supervision of highly experienced Quality Assurance team, backed up with daily testing at our on-site FDA accredited micro biological laboratory.

• Locally Made Here in Canada

Cloud 9 Canine is local. Imported treats are always being recalled and being investigated by the FDA. Our products are sourced and made locally and we don’t hide behind big business.

• Produced in small batch 

Our producer only does small batches, so our treats are dried to perfection! Our treats are hand selected and quality controlled so we can maintain a high standard. When treats are produced on a mass scale in giant dehydration ovens they often lose food quality.  Our products are prepared in small batches to maintain better control and produce the high quality you expect.

• Contain High Protein

Because our treats are all meat, they are naturally high in protein. Most processed treats would be lucky to contain 15% protein derived from by-products. Cloud 9 Canine are 97% protein content – that’s all real meat baby!

• Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals

Cloud 9 Canine treats are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like B12, B6, niacin, iron and more which help your dog maintain optimal digestion, absorption, energy production, hormone and brain function.

• Contain Omega 3’s

Our meat is known for being super healthy for dogs because of things like omega 3 fatty acids. These fats will help with managing your dogs weight, energy production, brain function and longevity.

• From a Single Source

Cloud 9 Canine meat is sourced from healthy animals. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or fillers in this meat. It’s been nourished with fresh air, natural feeds, fresh water, and your dog will benefit from this.

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