Meet our Fulfillment Partner Classic Mail Management and their new mascot

Gale Rule is the owner of Classic Mail Management in London, Ontario and helps Cloud 9 Canine with storage and fulfillment of your subscription orders.  As long as we have known Gale, her long time companion SHIH TZU named Kay was always at Gale’s side at Classic Mail Management.  Sadly Kay passed on in late September and all of us at Cloud 9 Canine felt Gale’s pain at this loss.

Months later a new SHIH TZU was adopted from the London Humane Society in London.  Her name is Bella and she is 3-years old and full of play and love.  As a breed.  SHIH TZUs are sturdy, bouncy extroverts that make delightful family companions.  Welcome Bella to the Cloud 9 Canine family.

Classic Mail Management:

London Humane Society:


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