The Cloud 9 Canine Story

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The idea for Cloud 9 Canine began after multiple trips to London, Ontario pet stores for high quality and healthy dog treats. This created a challenging time burden as a pet owner. It is said that certain breeds of dogs have a high intelligence so much so that they train their owners to provide their diet preferences when it comes to treats. At the beginning of my journey into owning two Maltese Terriers (brother and sister) I did not know about the amount of fillers in dental sticks and the huge amount of chemicals in rawhide chews. On annual visits to the vet, the weigh-in routine always included a scolding message about the treats I was feeding my dogs.
My quest to seek 100% all-natural treats led me to local London, Ontario pet shops and away from the grocery store pet aisles. Gone was the convenience of picking up dog treats while grocery shopping. I did my homework to learn about the dog’s natural need to chew as a way to pass the time while I was at work. Now the challenge was both financial and convenience because visits to pet shops garnered treats that lasted a day and required me to visit frequently to replenish treat supplies. It was not uncommon to spend $30 - $40 a week to keep my dogs in higher quality treats.

That is when the idea of an online service first came to mind. What if I could buy treats online and have them shipped directly to my home saving both time and money?

My research into all natural sources of Canadian-made treats led me to discover a local producer with a full range of treats for all sized dogs. Their operation is human food quality and their experience with different breeds helped Cloud 9 Canine gain an understanding of appealing to all sizes of dogs.

Our goal at Cloud 9 Canine is to provide dog owners with the convenience of a full month of treats at 40% less than retail stores allowing you to pamper your pooch with 100% natural treats.

Jessie & Maggie now
Some benefits of Cloud 9 Canine treats include:

• Dental Hygiene
• Improved Breath
• Reduction of Allergies
• Better Overall Health
• Longer Life
• A Contented Psychological state of mind

Our treats are 100% natural; no additives, no hormones, no preservatives, and no artificial fillers. Smoked treats are naturally flavoured in a smoker – not dipped into liquid smoke.

At Cloud 9 Canine, we strive to give dog owners peace of mind, providing online ordering convenience for 100% natural treats with direct delivery to your home  at 40% less than retail. Lofty goals but we think we have nailed it. 

Cloud 9 Canine Healthy Dog Parents Association Motto:

We are a new kind of dog owner

We feed our dog only 1 ingredient treats

We do everything we can to extend our dog’s life

We will not feed our dog fake food or fillers

We will not feed our dog preservatives, artificial colour, or artificial anything

We want our dog to have the best years ahead of them

We want to re-define Premium Dog Treats to mean all natural single ingredient chews

Welcome to Cloud 9 Canine.
peter watson